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Business as usual plus lots more....

It's business as usual here at Blue Lagoon - whilst our water clarity isn't brilliant at the moment, it's just a temporary glitch, and we still have so much to offer...Thanks to the kayakers, stand up paddleboarders, swimmers and of course divers, the lagoon was buzzing this weekend, and with the water temperature a balmy 21 degs C, it was a pleasure to get wet!  Our bacon butties are still a firm favourite with our regulars, and now with an even bigger breakfast on the menu, our visitors need a good wade around the water to burn the calories off!

Thank You!

~~I'd just like to say a big thanks to the staff and divers that came along to dive this weekend, despite our challenging conditions. It's certainly not easy, but hey - we had a number of students qualify, and if they can do it here, they really can do it anywhere! Well done!

Cool Viewing..

Check out the latest mask on offer here at our dive centres - Scubapro Spectra, all black with mirrored lens - very very nice, I just might have to treat myself!

First Aid

Wanting to teach the first aid course?  Then look no further - we have the Emmergency Frist Response Instructor course running on Saturday 3rd January, 10am at Blue Lagoon.  Price is just £150 (normally £175).

Call or email for more details or to book your place.


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